February 17, 2011

- Lagu Kesukaan Saya -

From the moment I met you I just knew you'd be mine,
You touched my hand and I knew that this was gonna be our time,
I dont ever wanna lose this feeling,
I don't wanna spend a moment apart

'Cos you bring out the best in me,
like no-one else can do,
That's why I'm by your side,
that's why I love you.

Everyday that I'm here with you,
I know that it feels right, (so right, so right)
and I've just had to be near you every day and every night, (every night)
And you know that we belong together,
It just had to be you and me.

note : harap korang pon suka...=)


AYAI said...

lagu apew ni?? mcam bez je.. :D

ZaTiE AsHaR said...

ayai, lagu dr blue_best in me.
bkn mcm..mmg best..sila la dgr..=)